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Swiss Liner II

Swiss Liner II


 Semi Permanent Make Up Machine


The New Fabulous Digital Semi Permanent- make up machine is now available.
The device is a perfect tool for the practitioner at a very reasonable price.

This Top of the range high quality Digital Semi permanent make-up machine works reliably and safely. It is certified and tested and meets all sanitary requirements.  It works only with sterile disposable safety cartridge system for better implantation with less discomfort to your clients and more accurate results; it is the choice of surgeons, nurses and advanced professional technicians. This top of the range device is ideal if you are also considering offering medical / aesthetic tattooing such as nipple and areola reconstruction procedures, improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles, burns and stretch marks. With a penetration range of 50 -150 insertions per second this system will allow you to work steadily whilst causing minimal or no trauma to the skin. There is absolutely no risk of infection/cross contamination from the hand piece and no complicated assembly.

The hand piece is very light, safe and sleek looking, easy to use with very little vibration and noise. This machine includes hand piece which has been tested under the European health & safety guidelines control unit and allows the equipment to be used in hospitals/clinics for medical purpose. An adapter and foot pedal. The design works only with a safety cartridge system.

The Optimal Control Unit for Permanent Make-Up

Our devices are made up only of high-quality electronic components. For maximum and flawless results the hand piece is controlled by a microprocessor. This ensures a steady, smooth and uniform needle frequency and therefore provides the best of prerequisites for a high colour insertion. All of the control units can be connected to a foot pedal. The digital control units are easy to clean thanks to the joint less manufacturing and the hygienic keypad. With the exclusive design of several types of housing we also show our high demands with regard to ergonomics and aesthetics

More Than Just a Handpiece

During the development stage the focus was on ease-of-use and handling as well as safety aspects. The patented CARTRIDGE system provides you with 100% safety with regard to sterility. The high-quality hand pieces are exceptional due to their precision and silent running smoothness. The features of the needle cartridges allow for a wide application spectrum, all the way from for example defining or drawing eyebrow hairs to corrective pigmentation.

SAFETY is the most important concern. The device is operated with the patented safety needle cartridge system. All parts which could possibly be contaminated are integrated into a single use, sterile needle cartridge. The cartridge is sealed by a membrane. There is no possibility of backflow of colour or body fluids into the hand piece.

PRECISION & POWER is necessary to offer a wide range of procedures. The possible applications include lip colouring, eyeliner, fine eyebrow hair strokes as well as medical procedures and little body tattoos for more convenience and the adjustment to different applications and skin types, the stitching depth is adjustable.

NOISE & VIBRATION is exceptionally low. A completely new concept has been invented. It is patented. Due to this invention it is possible to manufacture a machine with power and precision without increasing the noise and vibration level. For a price that has not been possible before.

SIZE MATTERSThe hand piece including the needle cartridge is only 12cm (4.7 in.) long, 1,5 cm (0.6 in) in diameter and has a weight of 35g (1.2 oz.).

QUALITY of workmanship is guaranteed with this device. The device is manufactured in Germany. The R&D and the production is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical standard).

Advantages on a Glance:
- Great Price/ Value Ratio
Patented Safety Cartridge System
Adjustable Stitching Depth
Strong and Precise Mechanism
Reduced Noise and Vibration
Exceptional small and lightweight
Lightweight hand piece
Silent & smooth
Ergonomic handling
Large selection of needle combinations
Quick change of needle configurations
Filling in of pigment colours for a complete application is possible
Aluminium hand piece
Made in Germany
2 years warranty

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