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Swiss Liner Advanced

Swiss Liner Advanced

Perform 2 treatments with 1 device

Semi permanent make-up & Lift MESO treatment

Our Swiss Liner Advanced with its innovative disposable hygiene modules (sterile cartridges) offers a high degree of certainty about hygiene. Here the needle and needle-jet are integrated in one module. For the treatment, the hygiene module is mounted on the handle. The module is closed at the back, protecting against pollution. During the removal of the hygiene module, the needle disappears immediately in the needle-jet. Thus, the risk of injury with the contaminated needle and the associated risk of infection (HIV, HBV) are excluded.


This fantastic digital machine with a penetration range of 50 -150 insertions per second will allow you to work steadily whilst causing minimal trauma with no discomfort to the skin. Simple to use, safe and sleek looking. 


Tiresome cleaning and autoclaving of the different parts of the hand piece is now a relic of the past. Pigment colour is filled into the hygiene cartridge opening. The colour reservoir that is contained within the cartridge is designed for one entire regular procedure. Therefore, in most cases a refilling or dipping of the nozzle is not necessary anymore. The system can however still be used in the traditional manner, i.e. a dipping of the device into the colour during operation.


All our machines have a 2 year warranty. For extra peace of mind and in the unlikely event that you may have problems with your system,

Certified to the standards: EN55022: 1998, EN61000-6-1: 2001, EN6100-6-3: 2001.

- Hygienic Modules (NEW: Power Hygienic Module)
- Control unit with LCD display
- Infinitely adjustable pinholes per second
- Straight hand piece with hygienic module system
- Built-in hand piece holder
- Work with or without pedal
- Ideal for problem skin in cosmetic and medical area

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