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OS Pigments

Free from Iron Oxide

- The world’s first non iron oxide pigments

- Unique high pigment density

- Maximum colour deposition

- No allergic reaction

- Less working time

- No effect on MRI

- Cost effective



Handling Swiss Color® OS pigments:

- Pls. shake the pigment bottle for at least 60 seconds before use 

- Our OS pigments can be mixed among one another Do not mix the pigments with the OS Classic SC, SC or SC Intense Skin pigment colors, because the structure of the color is built differently and they don´t combine in the skin.

- The OS pigments will cover more, therefore work softer and less, the deeper you go the cooler is the color. Work on the surface, it is only a bit of pressure necessary, because the color stays immediately in the skin - which means you will have less rework and the client feels less pain.

- Too much pressure and deep incorporation can lead to a cool result and thin hair can become blurred - so always work tenderly and soft!

-  Do only about 2 up to 4 rounds until you see the color come out.

- The colors darken slightly after the healing process, so better start with less intensity and go further if necessary at the rework.

80/90% of the color remains visible in the skin (a fading of up to 50% -60% does not exist anymore).

- The OS pigments are color stable. There will not appear red or purple color after the healing time or after a short time in the skin. (This color change has been seen due to a high mineral content, red or yellow = iron oxide content, on some skin types.)

- Choose a touch brighter and warmer color than desired, since the color can darken depending on skin type, pressure and work style.


The base color Honey:

The base color Honey exists mainly out of golden yellow pigments.

For Eyebrows: The addition of honey causes softer results for dark brow colors. Depending on the amount of added Honey you can downgrade all brows tones until golden blond brow types, until nearly authenticity effects achieved.

For lips: Because of the high proportion of gold yellow pigments Honey lightens up and gives all lip tones a smarter look. The tones can be customized and changed according to the added amount of honey into warmer softer tones.

For Areola: The base color for almost all Areola types is Honey. With the addition of Blush, Sienna and Sepia in small quantities, the color will find the correct characterization. Shadings optimally fit with adding little amounts. It gives the breast areola a natural, almost real look.

If you have any questions regarding the operation, please feel free to contact us.
We recommend you a visit to a special training in Swiss Color ® OS pigments. We offer regular appointments but if you desire a course date which is not listed, we will gladly provide you with individual course times.
Get to know and see the new Swiss Color ® pigments OS and convince yourselves of this long-term development in Permanent Make up knowledge!

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