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Semi Permanent Makeup Course

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4 Days Intensive Course in Semi Permanent Makeup (Digital Machine)



Semi Permanent Makeup Course

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4 Days Intensive Course in Semi Permanent Makeup (Digital Machine)


1. Introduction to Permanent Cosmetic

a) History of tattooing permanent cosmetics

b) Overview of the different types of machines and devices available


2. Consultation

a) Client profile -analyze character traits and client selection; client expectations

b) Discussion of overall aspects of permanent cosmetics


3. Medical History/Client Information Form

a) Identify potential problems for permanent cosmetics

b) Determine when physician review is advised


4. Sanitation and Sterilization

a) Equipment - discuss acceptable forms of sterilization, autoclave vs. dry heat

b) Overview of other means of sterilization

c) Disinfectants and antiseptics

d) OSHA and CDC guidelines regarding blood borne pathogens

e) Technician safety – hand washing, Hepatitis B vaccination; gloves

f ) Proper handling of devices, needles and pigments

g) Sanitary measures during procedure set up and clean up


5. Client Preparation

a) Pre-procedure care; preparing the client's skin; ways of marking the skin

b) Anesthetics and physician relationships

6. Colour and Pigment Theory

a) Knowledge and use; pigment preparation, mixing; storage


7. Skin Anatomy

a) Composition/layers; healing process of skin and its care

b) Diseases, disorders and conditions, infection, herpes, moles warts, freckles, psoriasis, eczema; reactions of skin to various mater


8. Machine Theory

a) Review machine (device) for technical aspects

b) Machine operation and maintenance; use of the machine –Speed, pressure, angle and trouble-shooting

c) Evaluate capabilities of machine


9. Needles

a) Appropriate needle selection and applications, Groups, numbers and configurations

b) How mechanically used in the skin

c) Maintenance, check for damage; storage and disposal; preparation for sterilization

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