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Eyelash Extensions Course

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One-Day Eyelash Extensions Courses in London



Eyelash Extensions Course

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One-Day Eyelash Extensions Courses in London


Treatment safety, hygiene, product knowledge, Preparation, application, important facts, contra indication and after care!

Our one-day intensive course is all that is required to teach you this skill.


This is an incredible treatment that brings the clients back time and time again!  You will be able to offer this service immediately. Earning potential is from £60 upwards for a full set of individual eyelash extensions, and from £20 for individual eyelash extension infills every 2-3 weeks to maintain the look. Once you have developed a good bonding technique, the individual eyelash extensions are permanently attached to the client's natural eyelash. The duration of which is then dependent upon the growth cycle of the eyelash and the client following the aftercare advice given. Eyelashes fall out on a regular basis, so individual eyelash extension in-fills are required to maintain the look. 


ANGEL BEAUTY PRODUCTS is offering the training in individual eyelash extensions to very small groups, often one to one (maximum of 2), allowing you to become proficient in the techniques. You will be able to offer individual eyelash extensions to your clients immediately after training, so you will be able to start to make a fast return on your investment. You will have the opportunity to complete two sets of individual eyelash extensions under angel beauty supervision, (one set on a mannequin), so you will have plenty of practices with this technique. The one-day course in individual eyelash extensions includes theory and practical and as such is self-standing.  Our eyelash extension course will provide you with all the techniques and supporting information treatment safety, hygiene, product knowledge etc to be able to start offering this treatment immediately following your training. You can expect to take longer applying the lashes initially, but this will become faster as you become more proficient.

We will confirm the training dates by email or in writing once you have paid the course deposit/fees.


Eyelash Extensions starter kit £145.00 Includes


1. Round Box Volume-up eyelash 0.20 mm. X 9 mm.

1. Round Box Volume-up eyelash 0.20 mm. X 11 mm.

1. Round Box Volume-up eyelash 0.20 mm. X 13 mm.

1. Round Box Volume-up eyelash 0.20 mm. X 15 mm.

1. Medical Grade Odorless Glue (10 gr.)

1. Highest quality forceps straight.

1. Highest quality forceps curved.

1. Eyelashes Stainless Scissors

1. Combo Brush

1. High Grade Gel Glue Remover 15 gr.

1. Handy type rubber air-blower.

1. Medical Non-woven adhesive tape for application work.

1. After care instructions.

1. Educational DVD.

1. Vinyl Beauty Bag.


The Contents of the lesson:


1. Introduction to eyelash extensions

2. Health & Safety

3. Consultation

4. Contra-Indications /Contra actions

5. Patch Testing/Skin Testing

6. Sterilization/Hygiene

7. How to prepare your workspace

8. How to prepare your client

9. Contra indications

10. Treatment procedure

11. Application of eyelash extensions

12. Removal of individual lashes

13. Product knowledge

14. Maintenance

15. Assessment

16. After Care advice

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